Kenya Set to Receive ‘Non-NATO Ally’ Designation from US on Ruto’s Official Visit

US President Biden enthusiastically welcomes his Kenyan counterpart to the White House, promising to strengthen economic connections and investments.

As Kenyan President William Ruto visits Washington, DC, plans are in place to declare Kenya as the US’s primary non-NATO ally in sub-Saharan Africa.

Biden is set to inform Congress about this designation, highlighting Kenya’s significant partnership. Currently, 18 countries, including Israel, Brazil, and the Philippines are non-NATO allies.

During Ruto’s visit, discussions will focus on shared values of democracy and freedom, aiming to forge a promising and prosperous future.

The label of “non-NATO ally” emphasizes Kenya’s evolution from a regional partner to a global influencer, particularly in counterterrorism initiatives.

This trip, named the Nairobi-Washington Vision, is the sixth state visit for the Biden administration, showcasing a closer partnership between the US and Kenya.

With talks around investments in green energy and healthcare manufacturing, the US is committed to supporting Kenya in addressing its high debt load, largely owed to China.

Moreover, the deployment of Kenyan police forces in Haiti to assist in crisis management underscores the strong collaboration between the US and Kenya.

Biden is also expected to announce $250m in new investments in Kenya through the US International Development Finance Corporation, primarily geared towards affordable housing initiatives.

Overall, the visit symbolizes a long-standing alliance and a shared commitment to furthering economic growth, innovation, and global cooperation between the United States and Kenya.

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