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Conflict in Sudan: UN Inquiry Raises Alarming Concerns

UN Appeals for Global Action to End Sudan Conflict On Tuesday, July 23, 2024, the United Nations urgently called on the international community to ramp up efforts to halt the ongoing conflict in Sudan. The skirmish, ignited on April 15, 2023, involves the regular army clashing with their offshoots, the Rapid Support Forces (RFS). The UN's Independent International Fact-Finding Mission for Sudan embarked on a critical mission to Chad from June 30 to July 18. During this period, the team visited refugee camps brimming with…

Former Head of Congo’s Election Commission Yobeluo Misses Military Trial

Ex-Congo Election Chief Yobeluo Ducks Military Tribunal Yobeluo, the former head of Congo's election commission, didn't appear for his military court hearing. Yobeluo's absence has thrown the proceedings into disarray, with many raising eyebrows at his no-show. It's not unusual for figures of his stature to tread carefully when facing legal scrutiny. Fear of repercussions likely had a significant role in his decision to abstain. Sources say his lawyers are working relentlessly to negotiate favorable terms for his client. A…

DRC: Rebel Leader Corneille’s Trial Commences Without His Presence

Trial of Congo River Alliance Leader Corneille Nangaa In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Kinshasa-Gombe military tribunal is slated to commence Corneille Nangaa's trial on July 24, 2024. Nangaa, prominent leader of the Congo River Alliance (AFC), faces serious charges. This political faction serves as the M23 rebellion's arm, heavily backed by Rwanda, dominating parts of North Kivu province in the east. For over two years, this province has been ensnared in tumultuous conflict.

Cameroon: Strategic Guidance from Afar

Crucial Meeting Set for SNH in Cameroon The National Hydrocarbons Company (SNH) of Cameroon has slated an important board meeting on July 24, 2024, in Yaoundé. This gathering holds significant weight for the oversight and future direction of this vital entity. For over three decades, Adolphe Moudiki has been at the helm, orchestrating the company's operations and ensuring revenue generation for the nation.

In Libreville, the Land Initiative “Un

Gabon Land Initiative Stirs Excitement Gabon Land Initiative Stirs Excitement The Committee for Transition and Restoration of Institutions (CTRI), a military-led council working alongside civilians in Gabon, has caused quite a buzz with their new land initiative. Dubbed "One Gabon, One Plot," this program aims to distribute land to the people. In just the last week, they rolled out an initial offering – 500 plots, each measuring 500 square meters. These plots are being sold for a price of 2.5 million…

Congo-B: Beer Prices Soar by 20%

Beer Price Hike Spurs Reaction in Congo-Brazzaville The brewing landscape in Congo-Brazzaville has just faced a noteworthy shake-up. Local beer aficionados are seeing a 20% spike in prices from Brasco and Bralico, the major players in the beer market. This notable surge is attributed to heightened tax burdens and climbing costs of essential raw materials essential for brewing. In Brazzaville, the capital city, folks didn't take long to voice their thoughts on the price jump. With the steady rumblings of dissatisfaction…

DRC: “Our goal is to bring ethics into public life”

Congolese Government Clamps Down on Public Sexual Displays In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the powers-that-be are tightening their grip on visibly saucy behavior, no matter the orientation. "Whether same-sex or opposite-sex, public lewdness won't fly here," pronounced Congolese Justice Minister Constant Mutamba during a press conference last Tuesday evening in Kinshasa.

Coordinator of Disarmament Program in DRC Dismissed

Jean-Bosco Bahala Sacked Over Entebbe Meeting Jean-Bosco Bahala Ousted After Disputed Gathering in Uganda Jean-Bosco Bahala, who served as the Democratic Republic of Congo's Coordinator for the Program on Disarmament, Demobilization, Community Recovery, and Stabilization (PDDRC-S), found himself jobless after a contentious assembly in Entebbe, Uganda. It was announced with immediacy on Tuesday, July 23. The previous day’s gathering featured delegates from the Alliance Fleuve Congo (AFC) platform,…

Advancing the Organization of the Honey Industry in Cameroon

Cameroon's Revamped Honey Industry Buzzing with Potential Cameroon's Revamped Honey Industry Buzzing with Potential The heart of Cameroon is witnessing a remarkable transformation in its honey sector, particularly in the Adamaoua region. Nestled in Ngaoundal, a state-of-the-art bee products processing facility now stands, ready to uplift the quality and profitability of honey-based products. From Beka Gotto, on-the-ground narratives bring to life the fervor of the local beekeepers' festival, orchestrated in…

A Swedish Diplomat’s Journey Through the Great Lakes Region of Africa

New EU Special Envoy for the Great Lakes Region Announced The European Union is gearing up to introduce Johan Borgstam, an experienced Swedish diplomat who has served in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Kenya, as its Special Envoy for Africa’s Great Lakes region. This significant announcement is slated for July 24, 2024. Borgstam’s nomination will be brought to the attention of the 27 ambassadors from the EU's permanent member states. Over recent times, the EU has vocalized its intent to establish a dedicated…

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