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Kabund still in prison, his entourage growing impatient

In the DRC, deputy Jean-Marc Kabund, former leader of the presidential party that swung into opposition to power in place, remains in prison despite Friday's decision by the Court of Cassation to place him under house arrest. Unacceptable, according to the DRC. to his political party. The opponent arrested on Tuesday, declared presidential candidate for 2023, is accused in particular of contempt for President Felix Tshisekedi. He was supposed to leave prison on Friday night, but he is still languishing there. The…

DRC: Goma breakdancers fight for

We head to the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo to continue our series on African artists conquering the continent. Goma is one of the country's main cities, and the city has also in a few years become a pole for urban dance in the DRC. Faradja Batumike…

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