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the protests continue and questions arise

Seven months after General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan's coup in Sudan, the streets continue to be mobilized, despite the repression. Thousands of people marched on the streets of several cities across the country on Thursday, May 26. But on the street, this…

Bashagha says he has no plans to rule from Libya

Libya's rival prime minister, appointed by the Tobruk - based House of Representatives, said he had no plans to rule from the capital Tripoli, after his attempt last week sparked clashes. In an interview late on Wednesday, Fathi Bashagha said his government will work from its headquarters in Sirte, a city on the Mediterranean coast about halfway between the country's east and west. Rival administrations from each end of Libya claim to be its legitimate rulers until elections are held. Bashagha…

African writers make a name for themselves in literature

Several writers from the African continent, especially the English-speaking part, are among the finalists in Locus, an award dedicated to imaginative writers. It has been distributed annually for more than 30 years by readers of the monthly American science fiction magazine of the same name. Africa dominates the world, aliens who settle on the continent ... The imagination of science fiction writers in Africa is abundant. And intimately linked to colonial history, according to Anthony Brangeon, professor of literature at…

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