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Sudan: United Arab Emirates deny any support for FSR

Around a month after accusations were made at the end of March by Sudan's permanent representative, the United Arab Emirates have responded. In a letter sent on Monday, April 22nd to the Security Council, the Emirati mission to the United Nations denies any support for the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) led by General "Hemedti" and expresses outrage. As a result of these accusations, Khartoum's representative had asked the Security Council to impose sanctions on the UAE, a request that has infuriated Abu Dhabi.

Twelve dead in Darfur village as conflict escalates in Sudan

More than 25 people are killed in El Fasher, Dafur's last major city not under RSF control, prompting hundreds to flee. Kenyan doctors continue their strike for five weeks, with a court demanding an agreement within 48 hours. Testimonies from Ethiopians detail Saudi border guards killing migrants indiscriminately.

Former Prime Minister Hamdok describes the situation in Sudan as potentially the worst in the world.

FRANCE 24 interviewed Abdalla Hamdok, who held the position of Sudan's prime minister twice following the ousting of Omar al-Bashir in 2019. Hamdok described the ongoing war in Sudan as "extremely catastrophic" and "the most serious, disastrous situation in the world today". Despite the grim situation, he expressed optimism that the war would eventually end, citing "some progress" in both regional and national efforts towards finding a political resolution.

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