Somali Authorities Dismantle Ten Unauthorized Checkpoints in the Bardale District of Southwest State

In Baidoa, Somali law enforcement in the Southwest region eliminated ten unauthorized checkpoints in the Bardale area of Bay. Militias had been extorting money from vehicles and locals. Amin Madruur, commander of the Bay regional police station in Bardale, stressed a zero-tolerance policy towards checkpoints and promised strong action against offenders. Southwest administration’s Security Minister, Hassan Abdukadir Mohamed, visited Bardale to deal with the illegal checkpoints issue, considering the clearance as a successful mission. Minister Hassan Abdukadir said, “Some of the militias manning the checkpoints have surrendered, others have fled. Surrender is advised, as no further roadblocks will be allowed.” Security forces have been dismantling these unauthorized checkpoints in Bardale following complaints from the community and public transport drivers.

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