Ex-Somali Leader Criticizes National Consultative Council Choices

In a recent development, former Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo has expressed his disagreement with the outcomes of the National Consultative Council meeting in Mogadishu, claiming that they are worsening political tensions in the country.

Farmaajo criticized the decisions made at the meeting, stating that the absence of the Northeastern State leader hints at a lack of trust in the Council. He accused President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of going against federalization and the democratization of Somalia.

“It’s disappointing that the country’s leadership is pushing forward with self-serving agendas, intensifying the political crisis and undermining the authority of Federal Institutions,” lamented Farmaajo.

Furthermore, Farmaajo raised concerns about the election process discussed at the meeting, emphasizing that it is straying from the proper protocol and should involve transparent elections.

He expressed disappointment in the suspension of the constitution, which has led to a loss of legitimacy and collaboration among government bodies. Farmaajo expected the meeting to revert to the agreed-upon constitutional system, but he criticized the leadership for pursuing agendas that serve their own interests.

During the four-day meeting in Mogadishu, federal and Federal Member State leaders approved changes to the initial four chapters of the constitution and urged parliament to swiftly endorse the remaining chapters based on past agreements from the National Consultative Council.

Northeastern State leader Said Deni refrained from participating in the meeting and opposes the constitutional revisions, citing a lack of consensus and failure to prioritize the interests of the Somali nation.

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