Demand for Somalia to Enforce Strong Measures against Officials Violating Citizens’ Rights

Somalia Urged to Take Firm Action Against Officials Violating Citizens’ Rights

A UN human rights expert urged Somalia to tackle serious security challenges. During a visit, Isha Dyfan emphasized the impact on civilians, particularly women and children, targeted by Al-Shabaab terrorists.

The expert condemned the ongoing deadly attacks by Al-Shabaab and called for the government to ensure civilian protection and hold armed groups accountable under international law.

She also stressed the need for the government to prosecute officials involved in human rights violations effectively, ensuring justice for survivors.

In meetings with Somali officials, civil society, and international agencies, Dyfan highlighted the importance of addressing sexual violence cases promptly, ensuring justice for the victims.

Furthermore, she expressed concerns about restrictions on civic space, including harassment of journalists leading to self-censorship, and called for a safe and inclusive environment to prevent violence.

Dyfan urged the international community to support Somalia in strengthening institutions and promoting human rights and resilience against disasters in the face of humanitarian and climate challenges.

As an independent expert appointed by the Human Rights Council, Dyfan monitors human rights in Somalia as part of a group of experts working voluntarily to protect and promote human rights globally.

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