Kenyan Attorneys Take Action to Halt Police Deployment to Haiti

A court filing from Kenyan lawyers reveals their efforts to stop the deployment of police to Haiti to address escalating violence. The High Court has ordered government officials to respond to the lawsuit by June 12.

Last July, Kenya offered to send 1,000 officers to Haiti in response to a plea for help. However, the High Court ruled in January that deployment could not proceed without a proper agreement with the Haitian government.

President William Ruto signed a security deal with Haiti’s former prime minister in March to address the court’s concerns. But lawyers from an opposition party claim that the government disobeyed the court order by signing the agreement.

They warned that moving forward with the deployment would be a violation of the court’s ruling. While Ruto’s spokesperson did not comment immediately, discussions on the deployment continued following political changes in Haiti.

The U.S. military began preparations for the Kenyan-led force in Haiti, with other countries like Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Bangladesh offering personnel. However, skepticism remains among Haitians due to past international interventions causing harm.

The mission’s progress is still uncertain, with a complex history of challenges in Haiti. The situation is being closely monitored by local and international stakeholders for future developments.

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