Schools in Somalia Devastated by Floods, Causing Education Disruption

A multitude of students in the central Hiran region of Somalia are unable to attend school due to flooding caused by heavy rains. Over 37,000 students in central Somalia have been affected by recent floods, damaging school facilities and learning materials.

Parents are concerned about how this interruption in education will impact their children’s performance on upcoming exams. Local teachers are also worried about the long-term consequences of the floods on education. Elmi Hashi Dhalin, a teacher in Somalia, stated that recovering from the damage will be challenging as students have been displaced to distant areas.

Parents of affected students are urging the government to take action. Barre Ali Gedi, a parent, expressed that children cannot learn effectively with the current conditions and called for schools to be relocated to higher ground to prevent future disruptions.

Following similar incidents last year, the Somali government conducted special exams to accommodate students affected by flooding. Mustaf Osman Mohamud, education director of the Beledweyn District, hopes that such measures will prevent students from missing exams this year due to flooding.

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