Hussein Sheikh Ali Reveals Al-Shabaab Leaders Poised to Surrender Before Cowswayne Skirmish

In an interview, Ali shared that just mere days before the Cowswayne clash, Al-Shabaab bigwigs reached out to the government, signaling their readiness to lay down arms. However, the scenario flipped profoundly when the skirmish kicked off, resulting in notable losses for government troops.

“Weeks before Cowswayne, intel came in about top Al-Shabaab figures extending an olive branch to the government, willing to discuss surrender. Sadly, missteps were made by the military,” Ali noted.

The national security adviser further stressed that Al-Shabaab’s chance to throw in the towel remains available, using the Somali term “Ibihiya.” He also pointed out that some politicians oppose weakening Al-Shabaab, worried it could jeopardize their political agendas.

“It’s a crying shame that certain Somalis think that taking the wind out of Al-Shabaab’s sails would compromise their political clout,” Ali remarked.

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