The Gabonese and Ali Bongo’s “almost” candidacy for

In Gabon, the announcement by President Ali Bongo on Saturday during the celebration of the 54th anniversary of his party did not make Gabon indifferent. Ali Bongo specifically said that in 2023 he will be there. One way to say he will be a candidate for the presidential election scheduled for 2023. How did the Gabonese welcome this announcement?

as reported from Libreville,Yves-Laurent Goma

Jonathan is a retired soldier. He says he is a supporter of Ali Bongo, but he is disappointed with the broken promises: “Ali Bongo 2009 promised us many things. Today we are 2022, we will be able to vote for him, but let him know that before the election he must solve all the problems in the country.

And the difficulties in daily life? For many Libreville residents, Ali Bongo has not solved the difficulties of daily life, especially unemployment. Others point to his state of health. “Someone who’s sick honestly, I can not vote for him,” explains a Libreillois. “If he wants to be a presidential candidate, he must first present a medical certificate to know if he is fit to lead the country.

In power for 13 years, Ali Bongo, 63, has several unconditional supporters ready to support him against all odds. “In the end, he is our champion! And we will go all the way! And we are happy with him. He is no longer ill. He is in good shape, we go to the polls. We are ready,” assures one of them. “It is clear that in 2023 we will have a cash victory when the Cameroonians say, ‘We will lift it to heaven,'” said another enthusiast.

The next presidential election is almost 17 months away. Ali Bongo is not yet an official candidate.

Nothing surprises us with Ali Bongo who is in a hurry to consolidate his power at all costs.

Alexandre Barro Chambrier (RPM) reacts to Ali Bongo’s “almost” candidacy

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