the bill on “Congolité” proposed again to

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the “Tshiani” law, which some liken to the term “Ivoirité” which triggered the Côte d’Ivoire crisis, is once again being proposed for debate in Parliament. Its author, Noël Tshiani Mwadiamvita, wrote to the National Assembly proposing that this text be reviewed during the session beginning on Tuesday, March 15. His bill aims to block access to the functions of President of the Republic and the impossibility of depriving a Congolese of his nationality.

as reported from Kinshasa, Kamanda Wa Kamanda Muzembe

Presented by MP Nsingi Pululu Pitchou, this text known as the “Tshiani Law” could not be reviewed during the previous Riksdag meeting due to busy schedule. Whose priority topics were establishment, especially with regard to CENI and the budget.

For Tshiani, it is important to prevent one not Congolese of father and mother to arrive at the head of state. For him, it is a risk to the country.

“We can only become a nation by involving everyone” Vice President Daniel Safu protests against the dangerous regulations proposed by Noel Tshiani. The former journalist rather insists on building a nation-state with all its components: “We can only become a nation by associating everyone,” explains the deputy for Together for the Republic. We can not become a nation by excluding a large number of Congolese with nationality .

the the debate is therefore revived ahead of the 2023 election.

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