Grand Opening of State-of-the-art Car Manufacturing Facility in Jigjiga, Somali Region

In Jigjiga, Ethiopia, a brand new vehicle assembly plant has opened, with an investment of 250 million Birr, marking a significant milestone in the country’s industrial growth.

The factory, capable of producing up to 10 cars per day, was launched amidst great excitement and hope. Somali Regional President Mustafe Mohamed, leading the event, commended the collaborative work that brought the project to life. “This plant shows our progress in industry and the increasing role of the private sector in our economy,” President Mohamed stated.

In his address, the president highlighted the advantages of the investment. “Projects like this help save foreign currency and create valuable job opportunities for our people,” he explained. Such initiatives are in line with the government’s aim to boost economic growth through infrastructure development and support for private businesses.

The factory’s owner, Abdinur Hussain, emphasized the immediate impact of the new plant – more than 100 job opportunities. “We are not only focusing on assembly; we plan to expand our production capacity and create more job opportunities in the future,” Hussain revealed to the attendees.

Over the past six years, Jigjiga has seen the rise of 300 industries, bringing significant changes to the job market and the local economy. This new factory adds to a growing list of projects that leverage the region’s resources and strategic location to attract more investments.

The investment in the car assembly plant reflects a larger trend in the Somali region, where the government is actively promoting industrialization for economic self-reliance. By utilizing the region’s potential, the state aims to encourage more private-sector investments and economic diversification.

Looking ahead, the regional government reaffirms its support for such initiatives. “We will continue to support the private sector as a key driver of our economic progress,” President Mohamed declared.

As the factory kicks off its operations, the local community and potential investors are optimistic that this signals a new beginning for Jigjiga and the broader Somali region.

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