Postecoglou Teases Permanent Swedish Migration to Avoid VAR: A Joke or Reality?

Ange Postecoglou’s debut season at Tottenham has been uplifting, but could he have a future elsewhere?

Tottenham head Ange Postecoglou teased he might relocate to Sweden to avoid VAR, claiming it disrupted English football dynamics. 

Plans to implement VAR in the Swedish Allsvenskan were scrapped due to strong opposition from clubs and fans.

The usage of VAR in the Premier League has sparked debates, with numerous controversies eroding fan confidence in the technology. 

Following Axel Disasi’s disallowed potentially winning goal against Aston Villa during Chelsea’s 2-2 clash, Mauricio Pochettino criticized VAR, suggesting it had “tarnished” English football’s reputation. 

In anticipation of the face-off with Pochettino’s Chelsea on Thursday, Postecoglou pondered if English clubs would emulate their Swedish counterparts. 

“I’m relocating there. I lack employment, simply relocating,” jestingly remarked Postecoglou before stating firmly, “Indeed, it’s here to linger. It’s persistent.”

“I’d revamp quite a bit of it, as I’ve stated before. It’s transformed the game extensively, a deviation from its initial purpose,” he expressed. 

Postecoglou implied VAR struggles more in England than elsewhere, highlighting its flawless execution in Tuesday’s Champions League semi-final between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid. 

“I viewed the Champions League last evening, and had VAR not been mentioned, I’d be oblivious to its involvement in the match,” Postecoglou remarked. 

“They possibly encountered dilemmas, yet everything seemed to flow seamlessly. 

“We’re meticulously scrutinizing every nuance of a football match – the referees and other elements. 

“I’m not a fan; it alters the game’s landscape, transforming the experience for active spectators and non-participants alike. Hopefully, a suitable equilibrium will be found for its efficacy.”

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