UK Envoy Convenes with Puntland Chief in Local Territory

In Garowe (AX), the British Envoy to Somalia, Mike Nithavrianakis, engaged with the chief of Puntland, Said Abdullahi Deni, delving into key matters like the overhaul of the nation’s constitution.

In their discussion, the Envoy and local authorities deliberated on the UK’s collaboration with Puntland, stressing the significance of open dialogue on crucial topics such as constitutional restructuring and ways to bolster economic development in the area.

As a partner of Somalia on the global stage, the UK administration aims to resolve the political discord between Puntland and federal government officials to revive cooperation between the two entities.

The federal government recently expressed significant dedication to enhancing its rapport with Puntland.

Just last month, the semi-independent Puntland state declared its separation from the nation’s centralized system, preferring self-governance until the central government-endorsed constitutional revisions pass via a nationwide referendum.

The federal parliament greenlit several constitutional amendments deemed essential by the government to establish a solid political framework.

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