Northeastern State Shuns NCC Gathering Amid Uncertainty Over Somalia’s Fate

In Somalia, Northeastern State was absent from a recent NCC meeting causing uncertainty about the country’s future. Northeastern State has been critical of Mogadishu’s lack of consultation on federalism, resulting in strained relations with President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s government.

Leaders from various regions including Hirshabelle, Southwest, Jubaland, and Galmudug met with President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud to endorse constitution amendments and pushed for parliamentary approval of remaining chapters. This agreement dispels rumors of dissatisfaction among some regional leaders with the constitutional review process, particularly concerning direct elections.

The NCC discussed national priorities such as anti-terrorism, finalizing the interim constitution, democratization, and the impact of recent rainfall. Somalia has historically chosen leaders through consensus or elder intervention, a practice President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud aims to change by implementing direct elections and consolidating presidential power.

Northeastern State has expressed its independence until the federal government values different voices on critical issues. Dialogue is urged by the international community to address unresolved tensions.

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