Somaliland Military Refutes Alleged Change in Foreign Partnerships

The undisclosed source in the military leaked a report that resulted in immediate disciplinary measures. This incident sparked debates about Somaliland’s foreign relations, especially with Western nations.

The military reiterated its neutral stance in politics, highlighting that foreign policy falls under the jurisdiction of the Foreign Affairs Ministry. Abdillahi stated, “We regret any confusion caused and assure our international and local partners that our foreign relations are based on peaceful cooperation and adherence to international standards.”

A message circulated on social platforms hinted that if opposition parties win the upcoming elections, Somaliland might shift its diplomatic focus towards China and Russia instead of traditional alliances. This claim has stirred discussions regarding Somaliland’s strategic path due to perceived lack of support from Western allies.

The military’s rebuttal comes at a time of escalating regional tension, especially concerning Somaliland’s relations with Somalia. The self-declared state has expressed concerns about Western and Arab nations backing Somalia, which it sees as hindering its independence aspirations.

The African Union, European Union, and the United States have all affirmed their recognition of Somalia’s sovereignty, unity, and territorial integrity, including Somaliland’s region.

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