Qatar Airways Flight Experiences Severe Turbulence Resulting in 12 Passengers Injured

A dozen individuals got hurt when a Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Dublin encountered turbulence on Sunday. The plane, which touched down in Dublin around 1pm, was met by emergency services like airport police and the fire department.

As per a statement from Dublin Airport, six passengers and six crew members sustained injuries, with eight of them sent to the hospital after evaluation. The turbulence occurred while the Qatar Airways flight QR107 was flying above Turkey, the statement revealed.

Dublin Airport mentioned that they were helping passengers and staff and that operations were running as usual. The return flight of the plane to Doha, flight QR018, will happen but with a slight delay in departure, the airport informed.

In a statement to CNN, Qatar Airways stated that the flight arrived safely in Dublin but a small group of passengers and crew members suffered minor injuries and are receiving medical care now. “An internal investigation is underway, focusing on the safety of passengers and crew,” the statement added.

This incident occurred shortly after 104 passengers were hurt, and a heart patient died due to severe turbulence on a Singapore Airlines flight. Flight SQ321 from London to Singapore faced turbulence at 37,000 feet, as per flight tracking data. It descended sharply before climbing back up, repeating this pattern for about a minute.

Is turbulence increasing?

Approximately 65,000 aircraft experience moderate turbulence yearly in the US, with about 5,500 encountering severe turbulence. These figures, however, may see an uptick. Paul Williams, an atmospheric science professor at the University of Reading in the UK, told CNN in 2022 that he believes climate change is altering turbulence patterns.

“Our computer simulations indicate that severe turbulence could potentially double or triple in the coming decades,” Williams revealed. These findings, confirmed by observations, bring attention to a type of sudden turbulence known as “clear air turbulence,” which doesn’t have visible cues like storms or clouds. This type of turbulence strikes unexpectedly and is challenging to avoid.

CNN had reported previously that the Singapore Airlines flight likely passed through fast-developing thunderstorms, while investigations are ongoing as per the airline. The type of turbulence faced by the Qatar Airways flight is still unknown. Stay tuned for updates on this unfolding story.

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