Boosting China-Africa Collaboration: Provoking Change Through FOCAC Initiative

Chinese and Ethiopian officials emphasized the need to strengthen collaboration between China and Africa within the framework of FOCAC.

At the Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa, people are checking in at the new domestic terminal on May 18, 2024.

The call for enhanced cooperation was made during a high-level conference in Addis Ababa titled “Revisiting Ethiopia’s Role in FOCAC and the Way Forward.”

Eshete Tilahun, from the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, praised FOCAC for promoting infrastructure development, connectivity, trade, investment, and entrepreneurship in Africa.

Tilahun highlighted the success of FOCAC as a platform for dialogue and joint efforts towards sustainable development between China and Africa.

Yang Yihang, a minister counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia, recognized the fruitful results of China-Africa cooperation facilitated by FOCAC.

He mentioned that Chinese investment in Ethiopia had created thousands of job opportunities, emphasizing the importance of a conducive business environment in Africa.

Anteneh Getachew, from the Ethiopian Institute of Foreign Affairs, emphasized the significance of the conference in exploring future cooperation opportunities between Africa and China.

The conference aims to enhance Ethiopia’s role in FOCAC and strengthen collaboration between the two regions in various sectors such as infrastructure, digital economy, renewable energy, and agriculture.

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