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Mbappe Reveals Discontent at PSG: “Certain Aspects and Individuals Diminished My Happiness”

Kylian Mbappe's transfer to Real Madrid, a subject of much speculation, was confirmed last Monday. This announcement marked the culmination of a prolonged transfer narrative that fans and followers had watched eagerly. Kylian Mbappe has disclosed that his experiences at Paris Saint-Germaid caused him distress, a revelation he made during his first press conference after his switch to Real Madrid. Last month, the French forward declared his departure from PSG after a stint of seven years, with his transition to Real Madrid…

Challenging to understand: The negative aspects of cashew nut cultivation in Kenya in English

The global demand for cashew nuts is rapidly increasing. Cashews are consumed worldwide as snacks, dairy alternatives, and ingredients in cooking. Kenya is making efforts to revive the cashew nut industry in the Kilifi coastal region, once a major producer. However, some women in certain factories are exposed to hazardous working conditions. Olivia Bizot, our correspondent, has more details on the situation.

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