Fifty years after his death, what remains of the spirit

1957. Ghana declares its independence. The person who embodies this new hope is Kwame Nkrumah. A staunch Pan-Africanist, the new president advocates African unity to break the yoke of colonialism. But in a world in the midst of the Cold War, his ideas are troubling. He was subjected to intimidation and several assassination attempts. He responds with repression. This cantor of Pan-Africanism, who was overthrown soon after, will end his days far from Ghana.

Inflation rises to the highest level in 17

The Nigerian economy is still sinking a little further into stagnation with headline inflation reaching 19.6% in July according to the National Bureau of Statistics.On Tuesday, August 17, the value of the National currency, the Naira, also fell against the…

Death of Yvan Buravan, winner of the 2018 AXADLE Découvertes Prize –

Yvan Buravan. © Anthony Ravera/AXADLE Yvan Buravan was 27 years outdated. Musician, singer born in Rwanda, he had a ravishing and lengthy profession forward of him. He had received the AXADLE Discovery Prize in 2018 and was subsequently a part of the AXADLE household. He died in India final evening of pancreatic most cancers. He could have accomplished every little thing very younger: folks…

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