Somali Military Eliminates al-Shabab Operative in Lower Shabelle Conflict Zone

In Mogadishu, Somali military forces successfully eliminated an al-Shabab member known as Abdulkadir Haji Enow during a security operation in Lower Shabelle over the weekend.

The leader of the 26th unit of the 6th battalion, Farah Mohamud Hirsi, shared that local residents provided vital information leading to the operation’s success.

Commander Farah Mohamud affirmed that such operations will persist to eradicate al-Shabab members in Lower Shabelle, but did not disclose the operative’s rank within the group.

The military operation in Lower Shabelle ensued after a recent airstrike by Somali forces and their international allies that killed nine al-Shabab militants in Middle Shabelle and Galgadud.

The Ministry of Information confirmed that the airstrike targeted Ali Helle and Barag Sheikh Aamir, resulting in the death of four militants in Ali Helle and five in the Barag Sheikh Aamir area.

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