Puzzling the Puzzle: Unraveling the Mystery of Staff Arrest at Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways announced that their employees in the Democratic Republic of Congo were freed on Monday following a “misunderstanding” with authorities. Flights to the country, previously suspended, are now set to resume after the release of the staffers. The employees were reportedly detained last month over missing customs documents for valuable cargo. Kenya Airways insists that their employees were innocent in the matter. Allan Kilavuka, the airline’s managing director, explained that the cargo consisted of Congolese banknotes destined for the US. He clarified that Kenya Airways had not taken possession of the money when the employees were arrested. The authorities confiscated the money and detained the employees, citing a misunderstanding by military intelligence officers. Kilavuka expressed frustration that their explanations were not heeded, attributing the issue to miscommunication between military and customs officials. Congolese officials have yet to comment on the incident. The prolonged detention led Kenya Airways to halt flights, citing operational challenges. The airline is working with authorities in both countries to resolve the situation. They praised the efforts of government officials and the embassy in Kinshasa in securing the employees’ release. Flights are scheduled to resume on Wednesday with adequate support. Kilavuka plans to travel to Kinshasa to ensure a proper resolution of the matter.

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