Journalism’s Vital Role in Tackling the Climate Crisis: A Spotlight on World Press Freedom Day Symposium

The World Press Freedom Day Symposium in Mogadishu, Somalia, organized by the National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) and the U.S. Embassy, shed light on journalism’s vital role in combatting the Climate Crisis.

The event gathered over 60 key figures from media, civil society, government, and international partners to discuss environmental challenges faced by Somalia. High-profile diplomats attended to show support for press freedom and help Somalia address climate-induced crises.

The symposium highlighted the need for a conducive environment for press freedom, emphasizing journalism’s power to raise awareness about climate change. It also focused on the safety of journalists reporting on environmental issues in Somalia.

On the second day, the discussion shifted to protecting journalists and advocating for free and fair reporting. The event concluded with the National Declaration on World Press Freedom Day 2024, outlining key resolutions for press freedom and environmental justice.

Overall, the symposium strengthened connections among journalists, policymakers, and civil society, equipping them with the necessary knowledge to report on environmental issues effectively. It reinforced the importance of press freedom in facilitating informed public discourse and good governance.

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