Hamas Agrees to Qatar and Egypt’s Ceasefire Deal

Lately, authorities in Egypt and Hamas have stated that the truce will unfold in phases, with Hamas releasing captives in exchange for Israeli forces withdrawing from Gaza.

It remains unclear whether the agreement will fulfill Hamas’s main demand of ending the conflict and the complete withdrawal of Israeli troops.

Hamas announced through a communication that their senior figure, Ismail Haniyeh, broke the news during a phone call with the Prime Minister of Qatar and Egypt’s intelligence minister. The announcement sparked celebrations among Palestinians in the vast tent communities near Rafah, raising hopes that an Israeli assault had been prevented.

Israel’s key allies, such as the United States, have consistently advised against an attack on Rafah. The imminent military operation has triggered international concern for the safety of approximately 1.4 million Palestinians seeking refuge there.

Humanitarian organizations have cautioned that an offensive would exacerbate Gaza’s already dire situation, resulting in more civilian casualties in an Israeli offensive that has ravaged the region and, as reported by the local Health Ministry, claimed over 34,000 lives.

Israel initiated its offensive in Gaza following an incursion by Hamas into southern Israel on October 7, resulting in the deaths of 1,200 individuals and the abduction of more than 250, according to government figures.

Stay tuned for updates.

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