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Eritrea has the same opinion to withdraw troops from Ethiopia’s Tigray area

ASMARA - Eritrean Defense Forces will leave the conflict-ridden Tigray region in recent months following an operation by Ethiopian National Defense Forces. leading to a massive humanitarian crisis. Eritrean forces joined the conflict after the Tigray People's Liberation Front launched missiles targeting Asmara to the capital of the Red Sea country. It is not clear why the TPLF attacked Eritrea at the time. But on Thursday, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki agreed to withdraw…

Andry Rajoelina consents to the advent of

In connection with a second killer wave, the President of Madagascar met with the Madagascan National Academy of Medicine on Thursday. Andry Rajoelina finally agreed to give the green light for an antiquated vaccination on the Big Island. The Minister of Health has therefore officially requested a vaccine alliance for low- and middle-income countries, Gavi, to facilitate the Covax device. "The epidemiological developments, the emergence of new variants and the risk-benefit analysis of vaccines have led us to express…

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