Somali Authorities Capture Alleged Pirates Off the Coast

In Somalia, police in Jubaland state have apprehended four suspected pirates near the coastline amidst increasing piracy activities, particularly in the Horn of Africa country currently grappling with instability.

The arrested pirates were allegedly scheming to launch attacks on ships within Somalia’s waters around Kismayo, the administrative hub of Jubaland state. Following multinational military interventions, the region has shown signs of stability recently.

The operation took place roughly 70 km south of Kismayo, the provisional capital of Jubbaland State. While two suspects managed to evade capture, a search mission is now underway.

Major Sadiq Mohamud, the commander of Jubaland police, shared that a list of individuals suspected of financing piracy has been obtained. Those found guilty may face capital punishment such as hanging or execution by a firing squad.

He further disclosed that the detainees had planned to seize ships and vessels carrying goods in Jubbaland regions, which is also combating the Al-Shabaab threat predominant in the nation.

Recently, the Northeastern State Maritime Police Force (PMPF) uncovered illicit weapons and dismantled a suspected pirate network in Eyl, a strategic hub for launching attacks on global shipping operations along Somalia’s coastline.

These pirates have been operating extensively in Northeastern State, hijacking numerous vessels, including the MV Abdullah, a Bangladeshi cargo ship released after ransom negotiations resulting in a $5 million payment.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud emphasized the urgent need for the country’s stabilization, yet piracy incidents continue to raise alarm among various stakeholders engaged in Somalia’s stabilization efforts for the past 30 years.


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