Exploring Strategic Partnerships: Somaliland Considers Global Alliances with China, Iran, and Russia as Western Ties Waver

Somaliland is considering forming new partnerships with China, Iran, and Russia due to lack of Western support and potential opposition party victories, as per a report by the Somaliland government. Military experts in Somaliland believe better engagement by Western nations could prevent this shift in alliances.

The report highlights escalating tensions in Lasanood, a city controlled by terrorist groups that have strengthened following support from Somalia. The conflict in Lasanood involves soldiers trained by Eritrea and the United States, increasing the risk of a larger conflict if Somalia attacks Somaliland.

Somaliland is worried that the assistance provided by Western and Arab countries to Somalia is undermining its security and stability. The government criticizes the international community’s support for Somalia, viewing it as a source of regional instability and a direct threat to its safety.

The African Union, European Union, and United States have affirmed their recognition of Somalia’s sovereignty and unity, including over the breakaway region of Somaliland.

Tensions in the Horn of Africa have surged after landlocked Ethiopia struck a deal with Somaliland on January 1 to allow access to the sea. In return for acknowledging Somaliland as an independent state, Somaliland anticipates receiving shares in Ethiopia’s national carrier, a move that has angered Somalia.

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