Beledweyne Steps Up Security for Ugas Yusuf Ugas Hassan’s Hawadle Clan Inauguration

Beledweyne, the capital of Somalia’s Hiraan region, is gearing up to host the inauguration of Ugas Yusuf Ugas Hassan Ugas Khalif, leader of the Hawadle clans, on May 13.

The ceremony has attracted a notable influx of dignitaries, including delegates from the Hawadle communities in Somalia’s Federal Parliament and Abdullahi Mohamed Ali Sanbaloshe, the head of the National Security and Intelligence Agency (NISA). A plethora of participants have also arrived in the city.

Nevertheless, the choice of location for the event has stirred up controversy. Traditional elders from the Bulaburte district are advocating for the relocation of the ceremony to Eel Dheere Daharo Ugasa, a historically significant site for such events. They emphasize the importance of preserving customs and have sought backing from other Hawadle communities. This dilemma has raised doubts about the current arrangements, which have already experienced numerous delays.

In anticipation of the occasion, heightened security measures have been implemented in Beledweyne. Military personnel have been stationed along key routes and in the vicinity of the Laqanyo Football Stadium, the original designated venue, to ensure a secure and orderly environment throughout the proceedings.

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