Assassins slay legislator from Southwest Regional State in Mogadishu

In the midst of a chaotic night in Mogadishu, armed assailants took the life of Ibrahim Abdi Abdirahman, a member of parliament from Southwest regional state. Southwest State leader, Abdiaziz Laftagareen, denounced the violent act, expressing sorrow for the loss of the MP who had been carrying out official duties in Mogadishu. Laftagareen squarely pointed fingers at the notorious al-Shabab group for the assassination of Abdirahman, emphasizing his valuable contributions to peace, governance, and reconciliation efforts in the Southwest region. “May he rest in peace in Jannatul Firdowsa, and may his family and the Somali people find strength and faith in this difficult time,” Laftagareen conveyed his heartfelt condolences. The identity of the perpetrators remains unknown, but it is a common tactic for al-Shabab to target Somali political figures.

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