Lamuka calls for a day of action (09/15) against

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, following the civic movements, the opposition is taking on the active challenge of the law governing the Independent National Electoral Commission (Ceni) and warning of any attempt to organize fraud or deport votes in 2023. Lamuka calls for a day of action on 15 September.

The tandem of the Lamuka coalition, Martin Fayulu and Adolphe Muzito, are calling for protest demonstrations on September 15 across the country.

They accuse President Félix Tshisekedi of blocking the election process while heads of religious communities struggling to find agreement on the name of the personality who will lead Ceni.

“The country is on the verge of chaos! The people must decide, he the primary sovereign,” Martin Fayulu insists at the microphone to our correspondent Pascal Mulegwa. That is why we say that there is no other solution. The people must commit themselves to blocking the way to Felix Tshisekedi.

This march, throughout the republic, especially in the big cities, is scheduled for September 15th. Ceni stands still, we go because of it: because someone has decided to cause slips … and in the meantime we organize cheating …

The law or laws must be discussed, drafted in agreement. We must find agreement. Why do people at all costs seek to seize Ceni? The law that has been issued, an unfair law, must be repealed. La Cénid must be completely depoliticized … “

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