Chadians’ expectations of the dialogue between

Twice-postponed talks between Chadian authorities and Chadian rebel groups are set to begin on Sunday in Doha, Qatar. This pre-dialogue is a key step in the transition to Chad: everyone must agree to register the participation of political and military leaders in the national dialogue to be held on 10 May in Ndjamena, Chad. Expectations of Ndjamenois are therefore high.

as reported from Ndjamena, Aurélie Bazzara-Kibangula

In the city center, this taxi driver does not take his ear off his radio to get the latest information on this pre-dialogue in Doha. He explains that the most important thing for him is the signing of an agreement on a ceasefire: “I want them to lay down their arms! From the 1960s until today, we only talk about war and war. Weapons are not a solution.

A depot of weapons is also what Urbain, a student, hopes for. But according to him, the authorities must also guarantee more security to the rebels: “Not all political soldiers are allowed in here. Some are still waiting. So those who are not granted amnesty, the state must try to take a stand on its situation. And those who are, we must try to think about how we should reintegrate them into working life.

Fear of Goukouni Weddeye leaving. A little further on, Abakar sells dried dates. He’s sorry termination of Goukouni Weddeyewho played the role of mediator in the process: “With the resignation of former President Goukouni Weddeye, we believe that dialogue will not work, as our authorities are trying to retain power.”

In Ndjamena, many lament the lack of transparency surrounding this pre-dialogue, pointing to the vagueness surrounding the list of guests and the roadmap for discussions.

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