Bassist Richard Bona, a naturalized American, tears his

The famous bassist Richard Bona, a naturalized American for several years, takes a step further in his break with his country of origin, Cameroon. In a video broadcast on March 17 on social networks, we see him destroy his Cameroonian passport and express harsh criticism of Yaoundé’s power. In this video of almost 25 minutes that did not fail to react, the artist is particularly bitter.

as reported from Yaoundé, Polycarp Essomba

In it carefully staged video and broadcast on social networks, Richard Bona says he was packing his bags for a trip to Africa, when he suddenly came across an old travel document. “And what do I find at the bottom of the box? ” But hey! (…) They can now come and get the carcass of this passport, I’ll throw everything in the bin. ‘

“My passport with someone else’s photo” The passport, which is feverishly torn, the pages torn out one after the other, is one of his old Cameroonian passports. The bassist then remembers an accident that was experienced with this pass a few years earlier during one of his trips. Where his Cameroonian passport had been manipulated.

“In fact, they took my passport, put the photo of a ” fake man ”. We give him the passport, I do not know how he arranged it, who gave what, to whom. All I know is that I found my passport with someone else’s photo, with my name and all visas of course still valid ”.

The video provoked a flood of reactions, between misunderstanding and indignation, but many also saw in it how constant the Cameroonian-born artist, who has now acquired American and more recently Ghanaian nationality and whose reports do not end, expand with the power of Yaoundé of which he became one of the most ardent critics.

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