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In Cameroon, Marafa Hamidou Yaya’s plea for help

Sentenced to 25 years in prison for "intellectual complicity in embezzlement of public funds", Cameroonian Marafa Hamidou Yaya breaks his silence. The former secretary general of the presidency, detained since 2012, gave an interview to Jeune Afrique on Tuesday. Very critical of the regime, the former collaborator of Paul Biya, now 71 years old, appeals for help regarding his health. Several personalities, including former French President François Hollande, had already called for his release on health grounds.

Cameroon: four opposition parties create a group

SDF, PCRN, UDC and UMS founded on 11 March 2022 "Union for Change". A joint political action program has been signed by the 16 Members of Parliament who now make up this group. Among them, Cabral Libii, the president of the PCRN party. For him, it was necessary to unite before the ruling CPDM party and its 152 deputies' overwhelming dominance.

striking teachers keep the pressure on

The "We Supported Too Much" movement (OTS), which launched the "dead chalk" operation on February 21, has still not lifted its strike slogan. Other teachers, especially those in primary school who had been relatively behind until then, have also joined the…

Senegal qualified for the quarter-finals, Cameroon eliminated

Thanks to their victory against South Sudan on the second day of the group stage in Afrobasket 2021, Senegal validated their ticket to the quarterfinals. Cameroon, defeated by Uganda, is eliminated. They are the first to qualify for the quarterfinals of Afrobasket 2021, in Kigali. After crushing Uganda during the first day…

thousands of displaced people and refugees after clashes

Between municipal clashes have left at least 32 dead and 74 injured in the Far North of Cameroon, near the border with Chad, thousands of people have fled to Chad or inside Cameroon according to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Today, calm has returned but the situation is still difficult for the refugees. At the…

almost 11,000 new refugees in Chad

Almost 11,000 refugees from Cameroon have arrived in Chad in the city of Oundouma. Clashes between communities that started last week in northeastern Cameroon have forced many civilians to flee. The latest report from these clashes shows at least 12 dead and 48 injured in Cameroon and therefore thousands of displaced people…

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