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ECOWAS in Abidjan to “consolidate and strengthen” the results

A joint delegation led by ECOWAS, but also including the African Union and the United Nations, is in Abidjan on Monday 5 and Tuesday 6 October. as reported from Abidjan, To ECOWAS, we designate this visit as Ivory Coast mission "preventive diplomacy" for the presidential election on 31 October. A mission designed to "consolidate and reinforce" results, according to the regional organization. Under the leadership of the Ghanaian Foreign Minister, it will meet with the ministers and institutions responsible for…

Nigeria: the results of 60 years of independence

On October 1, 1960, Nigeria, a former British colony, became the largest independent state on the African continent. What political, economic, social and cultural results can we draw from these sixty years of independence? With our guests:- Remi Sonaiya, author, former professor of French language and applied linguistics,…

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