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#IGAD appreciates #Ethiopia’s peace and humanitarian efforts

The Intergovernmental Development Agency (IGAD) appreciated and promised to assist the constructive steps taken by the Ethiopian authorities in the direction of humanitarian entry, the peaceable decision of the battle in northern Ethiopia and the nationwide all-inclusive dialogue. It mentioned the regional bloc in a communiqué issued after the thirty ninth Extraordinary Assembly of IGAD's Heads of State and Government held at the moment (July 5) in Nairobi, Kenya. IGAD additionally expressed…

balance sheet for the Igad summit

A summit of Igad, the East African Development Authority, was held in Nairobi yesterday, Tuesday 5 July, to discuss peace and security in the region. Uhuru Kenyatta and General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, who has led the Sudanese state since his coup on October 25,…

Gambia stops exporting timber to avoid

In Gambia, the government bans all timber exports. A powerful measure to once again try to prevent rare species of wood - and in particular rosewood - from being transported illegally from Casamance, to neighboring Senegal. This species, which is in great…

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