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Guinea: Mining company SMD at the center of tensions in the country.

In Guinea, the Lero district has been a hotspot for tension for over a week. This small area, located 140 km from the gold-rich city of Siguiri, near the Malian border, is experiencing unrest and riots targeting the mining company SMD. Locals claim that the gold company has not honored its commitments regarding hiring and infrastructure. Since the military entered the town last Monday, residents have reported deaths and gunshot injuries.

Togo Elections: Church Observers Requested

The political campaign in Togo continues ahead of next Monday's legislative and regional elections. This comes as lawmakers recently approved a contentious new Constitution that shifts the country from a presidential to a parliamentary system. President Faure Gnassingbé has two weeks to enact it. However, as preparations for the dual vote continue, the Catholic Church's request to deploy observers was turned down by the Electoral Commission.

Guinea: Opposition rallies around the Sacred Union

In Guinea, the Sacred Union coalition was formed, uniting various civil society organizations and political parties around the UFDG, main opposition force. During their initial statement on Monday, the new alliance urged the junta to hold elections promptly. Coalition members claim that General Mamadi Doumbouya's presidency has missed several deadlines, indicating a desire to seize power.

Mali: Political parties call on the Supreme Court

Malian organizations that signed the March 31 declaration filed a petition on Monday, April 22, before the Supreme Court to annul the decree that suspended political activities on April 10. This coalition includes almost all political parties and civil society organizations in the country, of various perspectives. These groups are demanding to resume their activities, yet their chances of success appear slim.

Expert suggests that Sahel region is witnessing a similar dynamic to the Cold War as it combats terrorism

The Sahel in Africa now sees nearly half of global terrorism deaths, according to a summit in Nigeria combatting terrorism continent-wide. The rise in Islamist extremist threats forced international troops, including French forces, to depart Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger after coups. Professor Stig Jarle Hansen discusses the consequences of French troop withdrawal, noting increased Russian involvement in the region's "Cold War" dynamic.

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