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Gabon: Legal battle erupts in court case between parties

The renowned singer Patience Dabany, also known as former First Lady Joséphine Bongo, filed a complaint against eight top officials of the party for expelling her from the PDG at the beginning of March. She believes this action has caused an "unlawful disturbance." However, yesterday, Tuesday, the expected pleadings have not yet started in English at the First Instance Court.

RCA: uncertainty surrounding two coalition members

A little over a month ago, leaders of the rebel coalition in Central African Republic, hosted in Chad, publicly complained about the halt in Angolan funds. The money they were receiving as part of Angola's mediation efforts, following the Luanda agreement for peace in CAR. Despite multiple inquiries to the silent Chadian authorities, they decided to go to the media. However, these revelations did not sit well with the higher-ups. What is the current situation?

In Cameroon, Marafa Hamidou Yaya’s plea for help

Sentenced to 25 years in prison for "intellectual complicity in embezzlement of public funds", Cameroonian Marafa Hamidou Yaya breaks his silence. The former secretary general of the presidency, detained since 2012, gave an interview to Jeune Afrique on Tuesday. Very critical of the regime, the former collaborator of Paul Biya, now 71 years old, appeals for help regarding his health. Several personalities, including former French President François Hollande, had already called for his release on health grounds.

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