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the civic movement La Lucha urges not to negotiate with

We are amazed to see that the President took this resolution after indexing Rwanda, which supports the terrorists on the M23, we believe that these are variations on the part of the President of the Republic. And we as a people will push him back to common sense. Either it is total war or it is total peace. The Latinists have said it well: "Si vis pacem, para bellum" (if you want peace, prepare for war). War also remains a credible alternative to resolving this issue of what lies east of the…

In Chad, art therapy workshops to help children

The Sakhafa artists' collective organized art therapy sessions at a specialized school in Chad's capital, Ceser. Still not widespread on the continent, this support allows children living with physical or mental disabilities to stimulate their senses and express their emotions through their artistic productions. The professional artist Kirdissa and three other painters, including an art therapist, are trying to popularize this method.

meetings in July 2022

On July 1, in Brazzaville, 27 choirs created the Federation of Congo Choirs (FCC). "We thought of creating a federation to discuss, share and participate in the development of Congolese music. Because we are always spared and even almost abandoned. The 7th edition of the Francophone Prize for Innovation in the Media was launched on July 1 jointly by the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF), RFI and Reporters Without Borders. Candidates have until 31 August to compete for prizes gifted with 15,000 euros (1st…

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