Céni declares Alpha Condé selected in the first round

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In Guinea, the Electoral Commission has just given the preliminary overall results of the presidential election. She declared outgoing President Alpha Condé elected in the first round with 59.49% of the vote. Opponent Cellou Dalein Diallo, who declared himself the winner of the presidential election before the results were announced, obtained 33.5% of the vote, according to the committee.

The preliminary overall results were announced by the Chairman of the Electoral Commission. Following the preparation of the partial preliminary results in recent days, Alpha Condé, Rally for the People of Guinea RPG Arc-en-Ciel, the ruling party, wins with 59.41% of the votes; just over 33% for his big rival Cellou Dalein Diallo from the Union of Democratic Forces in Guinea (UFDG), reports our special correspondent in Conakry, Charlotte idrac.

Candidate professor Alpha Condé is declared elected in the first round of the presidential vote.

Cabinet Cissé, President of the Electoral Commission

Results announced at an official ceremony in a solemn setting, this is what the Independent National Electoral Commission (Céni) wanted in the presence of the Prime Minister, members of the government, ambassadors, observers, representatives of parties and platforms of civil society in a High Security People’s Palace. Entries are filtered three times before entering the room.

“This is the end of a historic moment,” said the president of the Electoral Commission, Cabinet Cissé, who specified that the turnout for this first round was 78.9%. The results announced are likely to appeal from the opposition party UFDG, which has not ceased in recent weeks to challenge the legitimacy of the Electoral Commission.Cellou Dalein Diallohad also published its own results.

First reactions

Following the proclamation of Céni’s preliminary overall results giving Alpha Condé the winner in the first round, the RPG that started with Alpha Condé is very pleased with this visit.

I admit it is a feeling of comfort and contentment. Today, we have a very positive reaction to this electoral process, which is concluded by the judgment of the Constitutional Court.

Ali Kaba, President of the Parliamentary Group of the RPG, the Presidential Party, of the National Assembly.

The UFDG party of Cellou Dalein Diallo, for its part, condemns a “break”. Ousmane Gaoual Diallo, Political Adviser and Director of Communications, joined the RFI, assuring us that they will continue the protest until their master is defeated.

Today, we must acknowledge that there are two reports issued at each polling station, and we have the reports from almost 80% of the polling stations broadcast on the occasion of this vote, which show that Alpha Condé lost these elections. Céni probably produced results that do not reflect this desire expressed by the Guinean peoples. So this fight has just begun.

Ousmane Gaoual Diallo, Political Adviser and Director of Communications.

Deserted streets and internet intersections

Following the publication of these results, Conakry, the capital of Guinea, still appears to be asleep, despite the late hour. There are very few people on the streets in the inner suburbs. At the bridge on November 8, access to the center is systematically controlled by police officers as well as members of the Armed Presidential Guard, which our correspondent observed on the spot, Carol Valade.

Military pickups are circulating. Violence and shootings were reported from the upper suburbs as well as scenes of looting and fires.

Internet and international calls are not available from the Orange operator. Multiple social networks and messaging apps are also difficult to access.

About the violence after elections that have shaken the country since Monday, the results are different. Fifteen died, including five members of the defense and security forces, according to the government. Eight civilians killed, including three children, according to Human Rights Watch. According to the UFDG, the largest opposition party that did not wait for the official results to announce that its count gave it victory, the actual death toll would be closer to about thirty victims.

The International Human Rights Organization, HRW, calls for the restoration of communication and restraint.

Authorities should take all measures to restore access to the Internet so that people can communicate, obtain and share information about current events and also for their own safety. […] The security forces must be restrained and avoid excessive use of force, as we have seen on the ground with people killed during protests.

Ilaria Allegrozi, HRW researcher


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