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FNDC announces new demonstrations

The collective called on Monday for a new demonstration against the junta on August 17 in Guinea, which ended a ceasefire over the failure to respond to its requests for "credible dialogue" on the transition to civilian power.…

Guinea: “The junta is playing for time to stay in power

Many voices have been raised after the suppression of recent demonstrations in Guinea. Civil society organizations and political parties have expressed their disapproval. But they are suspending any march for two weeks to give the West African mediation a chance What are these organizations asking for? What state of mind are they in? Interview with Étienne Soropogui, one of the leaders of "Forces vives de la nation".

Large family gathering for the presidential party in

The ANC is in congress all weekend in Johannesburg to discuss its program for the coming years. This had not happened since 2017. 2,000 delegates from all over the country are expected to reflect on the party's doctrine. But this meeting is above all an opportunity for the rival factions of the ANC to flex their muscles. The head of state and president of the party, Cyril Ramaphosa, hopes to emerge unscathed and even victorious from these battles for influence. The ANC does its dirty laundry in the family, not in public.…

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