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Pedro Pires: Armed Struggle in Guinea was “One of the Factors”

It happened fifty years ago, on April 25, 1974. Young captains rose up in Portugal, overthrew the dictatorship, and paved the way for the independence of the last African colonies. Consequently, today, several African heads of state are in Lisbon to celebrate this anniversary with the Portuguese. Their presence is even more justified because it was the African independence fighters of the time who brought down Lisbon's dictatorial and colonial regime. Pedro Pires served as a military commander for Amilcar Cabral's PAIGC…

Guinea: Mining company SMD at the center of tensions in the country.

In Guinea, the Lero district has been a hotspot for tension for over a week. This small area, located 140 km from the gold-rich city of Siguiri, near the Malian border, is experiencing unrest and riots targeting the mining company SMD. Locals claim that the gold company has not honored its commitments regarding hiring and infrastructure. Since the military entered the town last Monday, residents have reported deaths and gunshot injuries.

Guinea: Opposition rallies around the Sacred Union

In Guinea, the Sacred Union coalition was formed, uniting various civil society organizations and political parties around the UFDG, main opposition force. During their initial statement on Monday, the new alliance urged the junta to hold elections promptly. Coalition members claim that General Mamadi Doumbouya's presidency has missed several deadlines, indicating a desire to seize power.

near Kouroussa miners take all risks

Accidents have been linked in recent weeks in several gold mines in Guinea. On March 1, more than a dozen people died in the collapse of a gallery in the Kounsitel area, in the north of the country. RFI was able to visit a handicraft gold-plating place near…

Guineans are worried about sky-high prices

In Guinea, a few weeks before Ramadan, in a country that is more than 85% Muslim, women challenged the head of state, Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya, about the high cost of living and suffering in the household basket, on March 8. The head of state immediately urged…

warning of judges to renew it

In Guinea, the renewal of the Supreme Judicial Council is contrary to the appointment of one of its members. The Magistrates' Association criticizes "sneaky negotiations" that govern the election of some of its members. These pressures come from the…

arrest warrant against opposition activist Sékou

Guinea's justice has issued an international arrest warrant against Sékou Koundouno, an active member of civil society who is also responsible for the planning and strategy of the FNDC, the front that opposed Alpha Condé's third term. He is charged with conspiracy to commit criminal activity, arson, disturbing the state through massacres, destruction and looting, and participation in a rebellious…

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