Atletico Madrid’s Determination Unyielding: “We Must Keep Pushing!” Following Hard-Fought Victory against Mallorca

Atletico Madrid asserted their dominance in LaLiga standings by defeating Mallorca, but Diego Simeone demands more from his squad.

Simeone stresses the importance of continuing to strive for Champions League qualification after a 1-0 win over Mallorca. Rodrigo Riquelme’s early goal allowed Atletico to secure their second consecutive victory.

With only four matches left, Atletico has accumulated 67 points, placing them six points ahead of Athletic Bilbao in fifth place. Simeone praised his team’s performance but emphasized the need to avoid complacency.

“The team executed the game plan excellently,” stated Simeone. “From Correa to Oblak, the dedication was remarkable, focusing on a strong defense. After scoring, we controlled the game, defended collectively, and displayed great teamwork. We must continue to progress and maintain our momentum until the end of the season.”

In agreement with his coach, defender Axel Witsel emphasized the significance of securing a win to maintain a comfortable lead. He highlighted the importance of organization and teamwork, especially after Riquelme’s spectacular goal.

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