warning of judges to renew it

In Guinea, the renewal of the Supreme Judicial Council is contrary to the appointment of one of its members. The Magistrates’ Association criticizes “sneaky negotiations” that govern the election of some of its members. These pressures come from the authorities.

The Supreme Judicial Council consists of seventeen judges including four ex officio members and thirteen members appointed by their comrades.

In a press release, the Board of the Swedish Association of Magistrates lists twelve judges, elected according to this procedure. However, the appointment of a member is missing.

The Magistrates’ Association “regrets that the first two presidents of the courts of appeal in Kankan and Conakry could not agree on their representative”, we read in this press release. According to this organization, however, the choice should have been clear, as it is based on length of service. However, Kankan’s public prosecutor has more than ten years of service compared to seven years for his colleague from Conakry.

Pressure from CNRD mentioned Several sources mention “pressure” from CNRD to exercise its candidate. This press release has the value of a “warning”, a judge explains. The stakes are high because the Supreme Council for the Judiciary manages the judges’ careers. It is also a disciplinary body.

“It is incomprehensible, unthinkable and impermissible that those responsible for requesting the application of the law are those who, for personal reasons, do insidious business for its flagrant violation,” this press release emphasizes.

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