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In the spotlight: the controversial swearing-in of the new constitutional judges

While we waited for President Tshisekedi to speak on Friday, the Kinshasa newspapers - almost all of them - mentioned in this week's deliveries the controversial sword of the new constitutional judges."They took the oath ... He took note". It's on the front page of the newspaper Le Soft International. Service "without certainly the war weakened and the front reassured, on the contrary", notes the colleague from Soft…

The FCC wants to boycott swords over judges of the Constitutional Court

The distance continues between, on the one hand, the Presidents of the two chambers of Parliament and, on the other hand, the President of the Republic around the entry of the judges recently appointed to the Constitutional Court. The FCC, the political family of former President Kabila, yet affiliated with President Tshisekedi's Cach, has decided to boycott the planned ceremony at the People's Palace.…

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