violent clashes between protesters and police in Conakry

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In Guinea, violent clashes broke out between police and rebels on Wednesday, October 21. According to the government, nine deaths have been reported in the country since Monday, including six with gunshots and a police officer shot dead, as well as numerous injuries and property damage. That assessment could be heavier, according to opponent Cellou Dalein Diallo, who spoke to him about 16 deaths, including ten on Wednesday.

as reported from Conakry, Carol Valade

Dozens and dozens of young people come out of the alleys to invade the road. Barricades on fire, throwing stones face to face with police responding with rocks, slings and tear gas are tense.

The scene takes place in the Wanidara district of the upper suburbs of Conakry. It was repeated throughout the day along Le Prince Road, crossing areas considered favorable to the opposition. Since dawn, a thick black smoke invades the sky in these districts. The inhabitants, hollowed out in their homes, live by the rhythm of the shot. Guinea’s Red Cross headquarters were searched and access to the city center was severely restricted.

The head of state, Alpha Condé, calls for “peace and quiet”. “If the victory comes back to me, I am open to dialogue and available to work with all Guineans,” he promises.

Images of seriously injured people, most of them extremely young, are invading social networks without us being able to confirm them. In its press release, the government announces investigations and “condemns” a “chaos strategy orchestrated to question the October 18 election.”


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