Somalia Gears Up for UN Security Council Non-Permanent Position

Somalia readies for UN Security Council temporary position, as stated by Information and Communication Minister Daud Aweis. The country has been striving for stability for thirty years, overcoming a devastating civil war and battling extremist groups like al-Shabaab and IS-Somalia.

The decision to pursue the non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council reflects Somalia’s resilience and its dedication to enhancing global peace and security. According to Aweis, the country will compete for the seat later this year.

Aweis expressed pride in Somalia’s upcoming role on the UN Security Council, highlighting the nation’s increasing influence and commitment to fostering peace. Somalia’s recent inclusion in the East African Community demonstrates its dedication to building strong relationships with neighboring countries and promoting peace, security, and economic progress in the area.

With progress made in combating Al-Shabaab, Somalia is on track to assume security responsibilities from the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia next month. The country has made significant strides in establishing law and order.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is determined to showcase Somalia’s resilience and dedication to global stability by securing its place on the international stage. The government has a history of supporting peace missions and remains committed to promoting peace and stability worldwide.

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