Somalia firmly declares Ethiopia as a non-ally in bold statement

Somalia declares Ethiopia as a foe due to territorial violations. Ethiopian troops are to exit Somalia by 2024 after being crucial partners in security and development. The National Security Advisor accuses Ethiopia of meddling in Somalia’s political affairs in breach of international regulations.

Ethiopia’s military presence in Somalia through the African Union Transition Mission has helped enforce stability for many years. Somalia expects all Ethiopian troops to depart within seven months, unlike other contributing countries.

The withdrawal of ATMIS troops has already begun, with 5,000 soldiers leaving last year and another 5,000 set to depart this month. By December, the Somali Transition Plan is anticipated to be fully executed.

Apart from Ethiopia, Kenya, Burundi, Uganda, and Djibouti also sent troops to Somalia. Ethiopia’s controversial deal with North Western of Somalia involves acquiring land for a naval base in exchange for recognizing North Western of Somalia sovereignty.

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