Mogadishu’s Police Dept. Enhances Security with Bomb-Sniffing Canines at Every Checkpoint

Hassan revealed on the weekend that specially trained canines are being used to detect explosives, adding an extra layer of security that traditional methods may overlook. He reassured the public that the dogs are not a danger, highlighting their important role in maintaining safety. Hassan also mentioned that Somalis have a history of using dogs to safeguard their fields and homes.

“In Mogadishu, dogs are critical. Our goal is to have a dog stationed at every checkpoint by 2025, ensuring efficient traffic flow and thorough examination of any suspicious persons,” Hassan stated.

The announcement comes after a successful trial where dogs were deployed to inspect public transportation at various checkpoints in Mogadishu. While some residents have voiced worries about the dogs coming into contact with their possessions during inspections, authorities insist that the canines are crucial for security.

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