Revamped Criminal Investigations Directorate and State-of-the-Art Courts Unveiled in Mogadishu, Somalia

The grand opening of the CID office block is pivotal to our justice system and crime prevention efforts in Somalia, as stated by a Somali Police Force representative.

Unveiled in 2019 with backing from the UNODC’s Global Maritime Crime Programme, the MPCC is a one-of-a-kind facility that combines courts within the prison complex. This fresh concept not only relieves pressure on the judicial system but also reduces risks and logistical obstacles related to transporting high-risk prisoners to court, thus improving safety and expediting legal processes.

A spokesperson from the Somali Federal Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs lauded the new complex for significantly boosting the efficiency and efficacy of the correctional system, leading to notable enhancements in inmate rehabilitation and security.

The upcoming official transfer of the court facility within the MPCC in 2024 underscores international support for strengthening Somalia’s legal framework. Denmark, the EU, the Netherlands, Sweden, the UK, and the US are backers of the initiative.

Deputy EU Ambassador to Somalia, Thomas Kieler, stressed the vital role of these facilities in the country’s advancements in peace and the rule of law. Kieler noted that the Criminal Investigations Directorate will play a crucial role in capacity-building and service provision to the population.

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