QC Initiates Mosque Expansion in Somalia and Pakistan

Qatar Charity (QC) constructed and furnished two mosques in Garuwe, Somalia, and the Charsadda region in Pakistan. The unveiling ceremony was attended by high-ranking officials from both countries.

The Taiba Mosque, located in Garoowe, Somalia, was inaugurated in the presence of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Ali Warsame and Abdul Qadir Abdul Tahir Farah. Sheikh Warsame commended QC for its exceptional work in building the mosque to the highest standards.

In Pakistan, a Jami Mosque was erected in the Charsadda district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, capable of accommodating around 480 worshippers. The mosque was fully outfitted and included a section for teaching the Holy Qur’an to children.

Hayat Khan, a local government coordinator, expressed gratitude to Qatar Charity and the Qatari people for constructing the mosque in an impressive and comfortable manner, providing a welcoming space for worshippers.

Hafez Abdel Zada, a beneficiary, conveyed his appreciation to QC for constructing a stunning mosque with top-notch amenities.

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