Khatumo Leader Takes Part in High-Powered Summit in Mogadishu

In Mogadishu, Abdikhadir Ahmed Aw-Ali Firdhiye from SSC-Khatumo attended the National Consultative Council summit. The council, made up of federal and regional leaders, heard from Firdhiye about the situation in SSC-Khatumo areas and stressed the importance of SSC gaining constitutional rights within the Federal Government of Somalia. They commended the SSC-Khatumo administration for its work in maintaining the unity and independence of Somalia.

During the summit, leaders discussed various topics such as politics, security, and upcoming elections. It remains uncertain if the SSC leader will fully engage in the council meeting, which is set to conclude today. However, there are reports suggesting that Firdhiye will hold separate meetings with President Mohamud and other regional leaders.

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