Kenya Bolsters Crisis readiness Amid Devastating Floods Claiming 50 Lives

In the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, locals aid a woman through floodwaters post-heavy rains on April 24, 2024, captured by Joy Nabukewa/Xinhua photo.

Addressing the flood crisis, Kenya has amped up its emergency response to tackle the aftermath of torrential downpours causing havoc across the nation.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua disclosed the establishment of a national multi-agency flood emergency squad and response hub to curb the casualties of the deluge, claiming more than 50 lives.

Following a summit chaired by President William Ruto in Nairobi, Gachagua pledged the government’s heightened responsiveness, underlining the dire flood circumstances.

“All internally displaced persons will receive relocation assistance,” declared Gachagua, as the National Youth Service prepares to shelter the most vulnerable.

Kenya faces relentless rains disrupting commerce, displacing 160,000, and razing property, as forecasted by the Kenya Red Cross Society.

The meteorological agency warns that the rains will persist till June, rendering low-income settlers in informal settlements trapped due to severe flooding.

Overflowing rivers and dams have inundated homes, leaving victims stranded on rooftops till the waters recede.

Gachagua announced the setup of an emergency response center under the Ministry of Interior to oversee flood monitoring and swift interventions nationwide.

The government commits all necessary resources to safeguard lives, provide aid, and deliver relief to affected households amid the crisis.

Citizens are cautioned to exercise vigilance during travel, with low-lying residents advised to relocate to higher terrain.

Regular flood updates will be disseminated to the public to remain informed on the evolving weather patterns and flood risks.

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